If you need to calculate future disbursement costs in connection with forthcoming visit of a cruise vessel in “Port of Burgas”?

You can realize it in this section. To do this you should:

1. Download the form Disbursement-Proform (in Microsoft Excel format – xlsx);
2. In the box NAME OF SHIP (Cell A4) enter Name of the ship;
3. In the box GT (Cell B5) enter Gross tonnage of the ship;
4. In the box LOA (Cell B6 ) enter Length of the ship;
5. In the box Passengers (Cell B7) enter number of passengers;
6. In the box Based on (in days) (Cell B8) enter number of staying days at the ship.

As from 1-1-2015 Port of Burgas  commence the introduction of its newly reduced prices for passenger ships, which include the reduction of Passenger Tax, Pilotage Tax, Tonnage Tax, Mooring and Towage Taxes, accounting to a decrease in the total cost of above 20% in comparison with 2014.