Port of Burgas is established pursuit to the Decree for Construction, signed by Prince Ferdinand I on 20 December 1894. The opening ceremony has been held on 18 May 1903 and since this moment the port is considered as open for commercial shipping. Few years before, in 1899, the first Bulgarian port light-the Light of Bourgas, has been put on.

At the opening stage, the port offers a 60 hectares basin, 3 quay walls with total length of 590 m and depths of 24 feet.

The first Scoda electric cranes have been supplied in 1941. By that time, the docker’s work has been fully manual-the cargoes have been transferred being taken up on man’s back, on packsaddles. The dockers were walking with the cargoes on back on inclined scaffolding from the quay to the vessel and vise versa.

The new crude oil and oil products port “Rossenetz” was inaugurated during 1963. It has been built about 3 miles southeast of the existing dry cargo port.

The new Bulk port has entered into operation during 1974, followed by new West port-during 1980.

100-Year Celebration


The jubilee ceremony of the 100-year anniversary of the port inauguration was held on 18 May 2003. A new port’s logo was placed on the East breakwater’s head.