Port of Burgas joins the initiative for supporting the construction of an Orthodox church in the residential district of ‘Meden Rudnik’.


      ‘Port of Burgas’ EAD joins the initiative for constructing an Orthodox church in the residential district of ‘Meden Rudnik’. On the last meeting of the members of ‘Burgas Marine Association’ held on the 20th of November, a solid decision of opening a donation account for the church complex ‘Sveti Nikolay Mirlikiiski Chudotvorets’ was taken. The memorial church is located in the residential district of ‘Meden Rudnik’ and is named after the patron saint of the city of Burgas.

The chairman of the church trustee board from the Sliven eparchy, archpriest Emilian Mihaylov, introduced the history of the church to the members. The construction of the complex began in 2008 but only the rough construction has been finished so far. Such a church has not been built on the territory of Burgas for nearly 80 years, and that type of a church complex is being built for the first time in the Sliven eparchy.

From the foundation of the residential district of ‘Meden Rudnik’ until now there has not been a church and today the residents of the district are almost 100 000. That is the reason why the participants in the meeting joined together for the idea of supporting the construction of the church so that the faithful can have their own spiritual center.

On the 6th of December is one of the most important Orthodox holidays, a day important to all the residents of Burgas. Sveti Nikola is a patron of fishermen, sailors, merchants, adventurers, bankers and for that reason Nikulden is chosen for celebration of the city of Burgas.

The account is:

UniCredit Bulbank::

IBAN BG35 UNCR 7630 1076 2093 72


Account name: Burgas Marine Association

Everyone who feels empathy for the cause can remit a sum according to their possibilities and will. The money gathered until the end of this year will be used to the purpose of preservation and final construction of the buildings.