Port of Burgas is on the verge of a new quality leap in its development. The general development plan is being implemented. This is an ambitious and realistic program. Its aim is to face the challenge of the new century with an up-to-date equipped port in which the newest tendencies of handling cargo are realized.

The expansion of Port of Burgas was planned and well-grounded in 1991 in the General development scheme of Port facilities through differentiation and construction of the so called South aquatory, locally protected by the future New Eastern breakwater, and consists of the planned four major Terminals with the following specialization:

  • Terminal N1 – for liquid chemical products, chemicals and loose cargo
  • Terminal N2 – for loose and general cargo in the eastern zone
  • Terminal N3 – for the ferry line and ro-ro cargo
  • Terminal N4 – for container cargo and transportation

The first official conversations about the opportunity of financing this project through the fund of foreign collaboration with Japan (now JBIC) were carried in May and June 1996.

After clarifying the range of the project and a precursory negotiation between the two countries, on 29.06.1998 the Loan Agreement BG P-4 was signed. It was accompanied by the project’s Memorandum, with compiled schedule for the fulfillment of the basic project sections.

The project consists of three major parts:

  • Eastern breakwater with length of 1196m.
  • Terminal for loose cargo, consisting of three berths with total length of 705m. and maximum depth of 15,50m.
  • Access canal with length of 6600m.

In the realization of this huge-scale project are involved companies of world renown: on the construction part – the Japanese consortium Penta Ocean/ Mitsubishi JV, on the delivery of loading equipment – the Austrian consortium VAB-Vatech JV.

The realization of the general plan began with the construction of the eastern breakwater and Terminal 2A for loose cargo. All that became reality thanks to the efforts of the management of ‘Port of Burgas’ EAD and the support of the Bulgarian government. On the 29th of June 1998 an agreement with the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation /JBIC/ was concluded. This agreement granted lucrative credit for Bulgaria to the value of 14 312 000 000 Yen.

Work on the project for development of ‘Port of Burgas’ EAD started officially on the 10th of August 1999. The construction on the site began in June 2001. The construction and the equipment of the new Terminal 2A finished and the loading operations started on the 16th of November 2005.