Port Bourgas PLC has successfully backed project ref: ESF – 2101-02-12001 on the Operative programme „Human Resources Development” 2007-2013 from the European Social Fund 2007 – 2013 and Employment Agency.
The project will be completed by “Port Bourgas” PLC as a leading organisation together with its partners:

  • “Foreign Languages and management Centre” PLC (Schools „Europe”)
  • Industrial Trading Chamber – Bourgas
  • Port Workers Sydicate


Common project targets:

  • To invest in the training of the Port Boirgas employees in order to improve their professional skills, knowledge and possibilities;
  • To ensure a better work placement for the employees, stable work relationships, equal opportunities at the workplace;
  • To guarantee the social security and aim for the social and economical relationships;
  • Access to a better education by upgrading or prequalifying;
  • To improve the personal competitiveness and adaption to the jobs market.



  • English language course for stevedores – 2 groups;
  • English language course for technical specialists – 1 group;
  • ИКТ course and stock knowledge for warehouse managers and expeditor, goods and loads – 4 groups;
  • „Effective management” – English language course , management skills and Europe studies for management positions – 3 groups;
  • A course for port crane operators – 1 group.


The project will give the opportunity to all Port Bourgas PLC employees to improve their professionl qualifications after the training for the different professions or for language skills improvement or other key skills. This way we will increase their competitiveness on the jobs market and in front of their employers.

The length of the project – from 16 April 2008 to 16 October 2009.